Prevent catastrophic failure when you analyze lubricants, diesel fuel and coolant. Our thorough fluid analysis provides a picture of both the fluid condition and the internal condition of a component or system without disassembling.

Fluid analysis identifies dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution and coolant contaminants. These are the culprits of catastrophic failures that shorten equipment life.

Lubricant (oil) Analysis offers:
  • Extended equipment life
  • Identification of minor problems before major failure
  • Maximized asset reliability
  • Increased resale value with sampling histories
Fuel Analysis offers:
  • Increased filter life
  • Prevention of premature plugging
  • Reduced loss of power and poor performance
Coolant Analysis reduces corrosive aspects of coolant by detecting:
  • Combustion gas leaks
  • Electrical ground problems
  • Localized overheating
  • Contamination inside the system

Coolant Analysis offers:
  • Detection of fluid imbalances
  • Prevents imbalances between water, glycol and various additives